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January 5 - June 13, 2026

Would you like to learn to paint with more colour and freedom? This is a beginners guide to contemporary watercolour. We start from square one and build your skills and confidence towards painting botanical specimen from observation. The workshop is essentially broken down into accessible, bite size pieces ready for you to devour.

Working through a series of technique based exercises and tips to help get the paint to move on the page, how to hold you brush, manage water control, relax into the process and so much more.

The workshop not only delves into what materials and how to work them, but why as well. Understanding why certain things are used over others can better inform you as an artist and your own choices. Discover and play with the medium first. Find your feet in it and tailor your materials accordingly.

You will be encouraged to find your own creative voice. Your choices, your interpretation, your eye will all inform how your work will turn out.


  • A fundamental skill set in watercolour

  • An understanding of watercolour as a medium and other necessary materials

  • Confidence in approaching painting from observation

  • A final project - a botanical watercolour painting

Working with Water Colours: Service
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